Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Altoids Mini - Extremely Compact Survival Kit

Hello all ye bikers/trekkers/adventurers, DIY lovers and clumsy beings like me!!

This is specially for you! 
An extra mini powerful survival kit that packs quite a punch!! 

Altoids smalls tin - Size : exactly half the size of a business card

A look at all that you can fit in it!

Its absolutely easy to carry, hardly weighs anything, and you can fit in so much more than you assume. 
Not just for adventurers, some of these things can be greatly handy any time !
Just make one, throw it into your bag and have some peace about emergency situations!

Materials in this box : 

What you see here is everything that I have fit into this box

Matches with the striker
Allergy Tablet
Two mini candles (the birthday ones cut in half, they won't go out easily in the winds and these two bits will last about 20 minutes. 
A sharp kebab stick
Needle and some thread (wrapped in the stick)
4 Rubberbands (two in the stick, 1 with the matches and 1 outside the box)
30 Feet of Plastic wire / fishing line (if its fishing line, you can even squeeze in 50 ft) (you can throw in a fishing hook also)
4 safety pins
1 Painkiller
2 Paper clips (would be great if you land in a situation to pick locks ever!)
1 small stub of hot glue (can melt over things and keep it together. These are the ones you use in glue guns)
2 Bandaids
2 Exacto Knife blades, Medium and small, these are extremely sharp and very handy!
1 metre Binding wire (thin and sturdy one, it will occupy lesser space)
1 ft of Foil (worst case scenario you can even make a cup with this and heat some water at least!)
1 100 Rs note !
1 Metre Duct tape (optional, you have to hold it with the rubberband outside the box)

And here's to setting it up.

Layer the flattest ones first. Tape the blades and needles to the lid

Add the notes and foils now

thats it!

Option with Duct Tape

And here's the kicker, 
Altoids smalls tin : 130, enjoy the mints!
Rest of the material should hardly cost you another 100 rs!
Highly Valuable any day to carry with you. 

(If you want to squeeze in more things, buy the bigger altoids tin, double the size of this, and it will still fit in your pocket.)