Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Rustic Ganesha : Restyling a gift thats not to your taste

All of us always run into the habit of getting gifts that are not to our taste.
But they may be valuable, or can become very beautiful with a little nudge from you!
So here goes,
I got this Ganesha as a gift, and I changed it into that! :D

So here goes,
Going for a more minimalistic look here,

Just used some paints and a little varnish here!

This baby by pebeo can make anything metallic, its awesome!!

I first started out by colouring the ganesha completely in a dark rustic brown that made it look flat

When that dried completely, I decided to finish it up by highlighting the Ganesha with gold here and there, and with very little orange and white so that it completely stands out!


In the end, just add a couple of tassels and rock the look of the new Ganesha! :D


NOTE : The Gold I have used here specifically is an antique gold colour from camlin series. It gives a rustic look!