Sunday, 18 May 2014

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Peephole Frame

After 10 years of being a crazy friends fan!! figured out a way to make one of these!! Thanks to me, so can you all now! :P (Even selling a couple of these when I finish!)

Thin corrugated cardboard / Foam sheet (I used foam sheet as I had some already)
Fevicol / Modge Podge
White paper towel (even toilet paper will do)
Acrylic paint. Yellow and white
Cutter / Scissors / Brushes etc.
Print out of the template of the frame (exact size and measurements!)

You can find it from here!

Step 1
Paste the printed template onto cardboard/foam sheet.
Soak rolled up bits of news paper according to the sizes you need in a can filled with fevicol diluted by water (1:1). This becomes your paper mache.

Step 2
Paste rolled up strips of newspaper paper mache to the board following the shape of the printed template. Allow the frame to dry out completely. 
Sit back, relax and start by watching your favourite friends episode! :D 

Step 3
Add two layers of paper towel paper mache (soaking it with fevicol) to the front and allow to dry. Then trim the excess card / Foam Sheet from the outside and centre.

Step 4 
This step is particularly for anyone who wants to hang this by a nail. I just fashioned a small nail hole out of the cut away foam sheet, and attached it to the back of the peephole. (I wont be needing that as I will be using double tape)

Step 5
Paint the entire frame with two layers of white paint. Wait for it to dry out.
Then two or three layers of the yellow acrylic paint. Allow to dry.
I went for a darker shade of yellow to match my door!

Step 6
I applied a light coat of varnish over it and let it dry! 
If you want a matte finish you can go for the acrylic spray varnish!

And once its dry, VOILA!!!!!
Now you can also look through the peephole and go "Helloooooooo"


Mistakes I Learnt from : 

My paper layer has to be about six times thicker!! that way makes it easier to define the pretty and simple shape! When you sit to do this, no breaks! its why it took me 2 nonsensical days to finish!! Otherwise you can finish it in 8 hours tops! 

Hopefully the next 2 I am making (to sell) Look more refined and pretty :D )So long folks!!!!

Coming up next :GAME OF THRONES rectangular coasters using rectangular HDF boards that I found discarded outside a printers shop!